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How to Prep for Makeup

Prep and Prime

A flawless finish starts with clean, smooth, healthy skin. So get a jump-start on beautiful with our nourishing prep products that help you care for your bare complexion.

    • Julie K.

      "I have an oily T-zone and need a little extra protection in this area. I like to mix a dab of Mineral Veil with a tiny amount of Prime Time to make a thin paste. Then I just rub in into the area. It dries to a matte finish and isn’t heavy at all. Then I just apply my foundation as usual and apply a finishing layer of Mineral Veil. When I do this, there’s no oil seeping through, and I don't need to re-apply my Mineral Veil at all during the day."

    • Sarah H.

      "I use On the Spot Eye Makeup Remover. Before, I always had to re-do my entire eye, but with these little swabs, it's a quick fix and I'm done. It's a lifesaver I won't be without again—especially for such a great price."

    • Lorrain O.

      "Always start with a lip base, preferably Lip Rev-er Upper, then line your lips. Next, I usually choose a 100% Natural Lipgloss that complements my outfit. The glosses are super because they're never sticky or goopy, and keep moisturizing my lips."