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Face Makeup Tips


Boost your complexion with a perfect Foundation and a pop of pure color—on your cheeks, eyes, lips, wherever. Versatile bareMinerals Foundations, Mineral Veils, All-Over Face Colors, Radiances, and Blushes are perfectly multi-purpose.

    • Tiffany K.

      "Flawless Radiance, an All-Over Face Color, is the perfect way to highlight any area on the face. Its sheer consistency and neutral color allows for application along the tops of the cheekbones, at the inner corner of the eyes, and even along the brow bone. Use a small, fluffy brush like our Blending Brush to apply over or under blush on the tops of the cheekbones for an instant glow."

    • Joan S.

      "My skintone can change overnight depending on how much I go out in the sun. So I like to mix a couple Foundation shades together to get just the right hue for my complexion. For going out on the town, I swirl in a pinch of Bare Radiance to make me sparkle a little all over."

  • Cynthia M.

    "I always start at the jaw line, making sure that I am blending a little down toward my neck and up toward my cheeks. That seems to do the trick, making sure my face coverage blends seamlessly with my neck. I work my way up from there."

    • Renee Lynn S.

      "For a really fresh look with an underlying glow, mix Faux Tan All-Over Face Color with Bare Radiance. With our Angled Face Brush, apply to the areas were the sun would naturally touch, like the cheek bones, forehead, nose, and chin. To brighten the skin, add your favorite bareMinerals Blush. Then, for that 'red carpet glow,' add your favorite shade of Radiance (Flawless Radiance is stunning) from the upper part of your cheek bone to around the eye for natural luminosity."

    • Claudia W.

      "During the summer when I'm prone to perspiring, I apply Mineral Veil as a primer before my foundation and eye makeup, then again as a sealer afterwards. This prevents the eye makeup from creasing on my lids, and controls shine."

    • Mara F.

      "I use Bisque on the small brown age spots that are appearing on my hands. With a few dabs here and there, Bisque diminishes my spots, which is truly wonderful when I'm going out to a special event and want people to notice my rings and bracelets on my hands—not my age spots."

    • Joan S.

      "Mineral Veil is the perfect touch-up and "perspiration insurance". I apply it just before I go to ballroom dance class."

      Items Used:

      Mineral Veil

    • Michelle B.

      "For a flawless application, I lightly mist my brush with mineral water and then Swirl, Tap, Buff® as usual. My skin tends to the dry side and this method leaves a smooth, dewy look."