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Makeup Brushes - Tips

Brushes and Tools

Swirl, Tap, Buff® your way to beautiful. Our professional, high-quality brushes make it simple. They’re specially designed to apply the perfect amount of bareMinerals—for a flawless finish every time.

    • Renee Lynn S.

      "I love the diversity of coverage you can get from bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation, just by changing the brush. Start off by using a little bit of bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation in the lid, using our Flawless Application Face Brush. This will give you light to medium coverage. Then add more foundation into the lid and take our Light Stroke Brush and use it around the nose, lip line, and wherever there is unevenness left to the skin for more detailed coverage. Then for the fullest coverage go back in using our Full Coverage Kabuki Brush and finish it off. Don't forget to Swirl, Tap, and Buff for a flawless finish."

    • Dondrae A.

      "The Full Edged Liner Brush is a fast, perfect, and clean liner brush. It can be used wet or dry. The brush has a full clean edge for eye lining, and it’s perfect for a defined eye liner. It’s quick and easy, just press the brush with desired bareMinerals Liner Shadow against the lash line to achieve a full and perfect liner."

    • Paula P.

      "I do the Swirl, Tap, Buff®, but if I ever feel I’ve used too much, I use a clean Buki Brush to buff the area again. Also, sometimes I'll use a water mister to spray a mist in the air, and I’ll wave my Buki Brush through it, and buff until it dries. This technique seems to smooth out the foundation if it looks a little dry."

  • Carol G.

    "Ladies, please shampoo those brushes. It fluffs up all the hairs on the brush and makes all the difference in the world when it comes to buffing on the foundation. Also, if you happen to be acne-prone, it's always wise to keep all your tools clean and free of bacteria."

    • Tiffany K.

      "The Handy Buki Brush provides medium to full flawless coverage. It sends away imperfections. This is one of my favorite foundation brushes for applying my foundation. The brush has a very full head of hair with a round cut on the edges. It gives the desired coverage each time."

      Items Used:

      Handy Buki Brush