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  • New Arrivals

    • Fellow mascara snobs...look no further than Buxom Mascara!

      –Renee M.

    • I cannot live without it! I love, love, love it!

      –Loriann H.

    • I now get the perfect, flawless coverage that I was looking for.

      –Robin W.

    • Now even people who work at beauty counters notice my lashes.

      –Deva A.

    • If you tell me I'll be a Bare Escentuals customer for life, I'd believe you

      –Denise C.

    • I really, truly, did see a difference the NEXT day.

      –Mary F.

    • My lips stay moist longer than with ANY other product.

      –Laurie E.

    • It feels good to know my complexion has a nice look to it all day long.

      –Rita D.

    • It covers imperfections more than I ever thought possible.

      –Michelle Y.

    • Well-rested takes the red out! I love it!

      –A. T.

    • I cannot believe how wonderful these shadows are.

      –Cristi D.

    • It hides everything that I want it to and makes my skin look beautiful.

      –Steffany H.

    • Your foundation is the absolute holy grail.

      –Kay H.

    • After using bareMinerals my skin has begun to heal.

      –Shirley C.

    • The foundation looks like it was custom-made just for me.

      –Liz M.

    • I have too many favorites to make a list!

      –Charmaine O.

    • This is the best makeup I have ever tried, bar none.

      –Amber J.

    • These products have been an instant life saver!

      –Sandra H.

    • I'm a lifer & wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for the Mineral Veil, my fav!

      –Jaime S.

    • Nothing compares to BE.

      –Karen B.

    • Your product withstood the test of age and flushes.

      –Linda M.

    • I just wanted to thank you for changing my life!!

      –Cassia F.

    • My acne started to improve, and my confidence shined through.

      –Brittany S.

    • The kits make it easy to learn how to apply your makeup.

      –Sarah P.

    • My favorite is the Cupcake lipgloss. I never leave the house without it on!

      –Charmaine P.

    • I love the foundation primer and the lip glosses!

      –Lisa M.

    • I really love Matte.

      –Joy S.

    • The cleanser & moisturizer make my face soft, smooth, & better than ever.

      –Laura F.

    • I feel so light and free, I almost forgot to put makeup on today.

      –Nancy H.

    • I was surprised that it didn't irritate my skin in the slightest!

      –Liz P.

    • The coverage is great, and you don't have to be an expert to apply it.

      –Ashlee L.

    • I love how there is no wrong way to use the powders!

      –Tiffanny W.

    • Colors can be as light or intense as I wish.

      –Linda N.

    • I love the variety of eye and lip colors.

      –Deborah I.

    • The very best in coverage and the best for my skin.

      –Diane T.

    • My skin has never looked better.

      –Janice E.

    • It is so quick and easy, and does such an incredible job.

      –Cathy C.

    • I feel safe using bareMinerals for my sensitive skin

      –Lisa P.

    • It covers my acne, rosacea, and broken red capillaries.

      –Victoria P.

    • Not only does Bare Escentuals not break my skin out - it actually heals it.

      –Elise K.

    • These products make my skin look even with a healthy glow...

      –Danielle B.

    • Thank you for your products they are truly amazing!

      –Debbie M.

    • Not only is it goof proof, but it's natural looking & good for your skin.

      –Yesenia M.

    • Thanks BE for creating a Buxom gloss just for me.

      –Dolly N.

    • I bought the Cleanser & Moisturizer and now my skin is beautiful.

      –Lia C.

    • I tried your products and the transformation was incredible!

      –Barbara L.

    • It actually blends as the day goes by and looks like MY skin!

      –Teresa R.

    • Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful!

      –Kelly S.

    • It's easy, light & takes seconds to apply.

      –Chantelle R.

    • The best makeup I have ever used in my life!

      –Sandy B.

    • Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful!

      –Kelly S.

    • Not only is it easy to use, but the coverage is beautiful and natural

      –Julia M.

    • The eye cream reduced the lines in my under eye area almost immediately.

      –Meg V.

    • I will never go back to my old liquid make-up EVER.

      –Mary A.

    • This is the best investment you'll ever make for your skin.

      –Melissa H.

    • Thanks for make-up that makes a real difference.

      –Hannah F.

    • My complexion has improved so much since I started wearing bareMinerals.

      –Ashley C.

    • It covers the dark circles under my eyes & the redness on my nose & cheeks.

      –Lori K.

    • I love the fact that I can apply it quickly in the morning.

      –Debbie K.

    • My skin just glows & I get so many compliments on how beautiful my skin is.

      –Ashley W.

    • I would never trust any other product for such a important day.

      –Maureen M.

    • I only wish I knew about this when I was in high school.

      –Kristin S.

    • Once you try it you'll never wanna use anything else.

      –Tracy J.

    • I have been using the starter kit for a week now and it is AWESOME!

      –Annette E.

    • When I would keep the make-up on for 24 hours, it would still look perfect.

      –Yuli C.

    • bareMinerals is the most healthiest thing I can find to use on my skin.

      –Michelle L.

    • It didn't even feel like I was wearing any makeup.

      –Janice P.

    • Let me tell you, my face has never felt better.

      –Janae T.

    • Buxom lipgloss makes my lips tingle, and sparkle like diamonds.

      –Nichole H.

    • This is the best makeup I have ever tried, bar none.

      –Amber J.

    • I'm loving the new Buxom Big and Healthy Lipstick!

      –Haya M.

    • The max coverage concealer brush is magical, it hides all my acne!

      –Tilbe Y.

    • I love that each time I apply the foundation, my skin just glows.

      –Santana T.

    • Best makeup I have ever used.

      –Mary W.

    • My only regret is I didn't use this sooner.

      –Kathy S.

    • She said that it looked natural, she didn't think I was even wearing makeup.

      –Missy A.

    • It's not foundation, it's confidence, self-love, compassion, inner beauty...

      –Pam G.

    • Thank you for helping me feel beautiful.

      –Heather C.

    • It's soft & doesn't settle in the creases plus I don't get breakouts...

      –Michelle B.

    • Did I forget to mention my husband is enjoying every bit?

      –Lorraine M.

    • I do look and feel my best using these products!

      –Stephanie J.

    • I recommend it to everyone!

      –Kristine C.

    • I have very sensitive lips and your new 100% natural lipcolor is amazing.

      –Hallie F.

    • I've thrown out every other lip gloss I own.

      –Michelle C.

    • The way the flawless mascara lengthens and separates is awesome!!!

      –Brenda K.

    • FINALLY, mascara that doesn't irritate my eyes & makes lashes look longer!

      –Monett K.

    • I purchased the new Matte Foundation and I absolutely LOVE it!

      –Dea B.

    • I'm forever devoted to Prime Time and eyelid primer.

      –Andreina R.

    • Finishing off with the mist just looks so natural.

      –Sheila S.

    • BE Blemish Therapy is the best thing on the market!!!

      –Teri H.

    • Well, I would not have made it with out this product.

      –Rebecca P.

    • I firmly believe that is one of the BEST purchases I have ever made!

      –Ashley F.

    • I am absolutely in love with Buxom lip gloss!!

      –Sommer K.

    • The brushes are great quality and the products you receive are so universal.

      –Jessica B.

    • I decided to try your Get Started kit and all I can say is WOW!

      –Dora A.

    • I'm looking forward to showing off my new complexion with my old smile!

      –Alison F.

    • Everyone compliments my face and they say that I look so healthy.

      –Stella F.

    • Try it, you will love it and the colors are to live for.

      –Victoria M.

    • Changed my skin for the better - I will never use liquid makeup again.

      –Laurie Ann R.

    • My skin feels silky to the touch and I love the coverage.

      –Shari H.

    • I never wore foundation until bareMinerals - now I won't go out without it.

      –Kathleen C.

    • This has been the answer to my foundation dreams.

      –Stacie W.

    • The level of coverage found in this lightweight makeup is unprecedented.

      –Michelle R.

    • It's quick and very simple. Thank you for this wonderful product!

      –Nekita N.

    • Just wanted to say, you've got a BE addict who swears by these products.

      –Melanie L.

    • BE has solved all my problems.

      –Marna C.

    • My life has been completely changed for the better.

      –Julia M H.

    • Makes your face look like you've been to a professional makeup artist.

      –Natalia H.

    • I can wear bareMinerals and feel like I'm not wearing makeup at all.

      –Danielle B.

    • bareMinerals really does last all day and really did improve my skin.

      –Cindee H.

    • I have recommended bareMinerals to all my relatives and friends.

      –Dyonne S.

    • The makeup was not only light & matched my skin tone & I didn't break out.

      –Kimberly G.

    • I want to put my bareMinerals on because I look good and feel better.

      –Gertrude E.

    • I can't feel it on my skin & both the complexion & eye makeup last all day.

      –Sabrina S.

    • I am a true believer of bareMinerals and I will never use anything else.

      –Janae K.

    • My skin is enhanced not made up to look like another version of me.

      –Phoebe G.

    • bareMinerals is so easy to use and gives me great, natural results.

      –Catherine J.

    • It's so easy and fast to put on I don't leave the house without it.

      –Elizabeth C.

    • If you have any doubts put them to rest and give bareMinerals a try.

      –Terie B.

    • I've also gotten several of my friends to start wearing it & they love it too!

      –Denise B.

    • Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

      –Stephanie P.

    • bareMinerals is the best makeup ever created!!!!

      –Heather K.

    • I tried Buxom Lips and it is the BEST that I have ever used.

      –Christy C.

    • The colors I've ordered are beautiful & they've kept my lips moisturized.

      –Sue H.

    • I absolutely love the powder cleanser and facial lotion!

      –Jamie H.

    • I am absolutely impressed with these products.

      –Elaine D.

    • I always have some on hand in the office for clients to try.

      –Cindy D.

    • You should try it, I guarantee that you will love it.

      –Casey I.

    • I just found Weather Everything! It is the best thing since sliced bread.

      –Jennifer G.

    • My skin hasn't looked this good since high school!

      –Kimberly B.

    • My only regret is I didn't use this sooner.

      –Kathy S.

    • The best makeup I have ever used in my life!

      –Sandy B.

    • It's like tiny, little ants are tap dancing on my lips.

      –Enid M.

    • Buxom is my GO TO lipgloss!! I wear it everywhere and it works…

      –Megan R.

    • I love the brushes that BE provides!

      –Shazia D.

    • I especially love the fact that it does not feel heavy and caky.

      –Sharon W.

    • Your eyebrow makeup stops anyone from seeing the lines pencils use to make.

      –Margie A.

    • I was so amazed and happy at its staying power and wonderful look.

      –Michelle W.

    • Finally I have found a product that matches each of my skin needs...

      –Caitlin B.

    • It is gentle on my sensitive skin and doesn't dry it out at all.

      –Nancy D.

    • The foundation stays on and provides coverage all day.

      –Marsha C.

    • I tell others that my "natural radiance" comes from Bare Escentuals.

      –Rebecca B.

    • Turns out not all "mineral" make-up is the same.

      –Julie K.

    • I felt beautiful, sexy, and like I could conquer anything.

      –Katie L.

    • Your products are perfect for both young and mature skin alike.

      –Julia G.

    • Bare Escentuals has spoiled me and I will NEVER EVER stop using it.

      –Laura M.

    • I can have a breakout & someone will comment on how flawless I look.

      –Jenny J.

    • There is no other substitute for me.

      –Karen M.

    • I cannot believe the transformation of my skin.

      –Betsy K.

    • I must say, I am addicted to your products!!

      –Deborah K.

    • Within seconds, I was immediately hooked on the product and was truly amazed.

      –Kristin C.

    • I can make myself look just as beautiful everyday.

      –Tiffany M.

    • My daughter and I recently purchased the Matte Foundation and love it!

      –Gina Q.

    • I rely on Blemish Therapy, which is an amazing product.

      –Maggie H.

    • At 61 years old, my skin has never looked better. It actually glows!

      –Lynne G.

    • Thank you for making us feel so good!

      –Frances N.

    • Once I started using bareMinerals my skin started to improve!

      –Samantha H.

    • I love everything about bareMinerals from foundation to face & eye colors.

      –Kimberly G.

    • Turns out not all "mineral" make-up is the same.

      –Julie K.

    • I would be proud to recommend it to anyone.

      –Venesa R.

    • The one thing that I like about BM - It feels natural.

      –Annie M.

    • It does not feel heavy and it does not cause me to break out.

      –Virginia D.

    • It looks so natural and light, it feels like my own skin but looks better.

      –Laura L.

    • The SPF is great for when I take the workouts outside!

      –April B.

    • bareMinerals Foundation helped allow my skin to heal.

      –Shannon J.

    • Your foundation makes my skin look flawless.

      –Tina B.

    • It's easy, light & takes seconds to apply.

      –Chantelle R.

    • Still as fresh and flawless as this morning.

      –Meghan A.

    • My makeup came out flawless in my photos.

      –Kelley H.

    • The best product I have ever put on my face.

      –Kathleen E.

    • Not only is it easy to use, but the coverage is beautiful and natural.

      –Julia M.

    • I was surprised that it didn't irritate my skin in the slightest!

      –Liz P.

    • I am so happy that I found bareMinerals!

      –Elizabeth M.

    • I have received many compliments on my skin over the years.

      –Lisa T.

    • With the confidence bareMinerals gave me, I was able to win the title.

      –Meggie W.

    • Not only does this makeup hide blemishes ... it actually clears your skin.

      –Sydney C.

    • If you're contemplating buying it, I would contemplate no further.

      –Grainne O.

    • You can NEVER have too many bareMinerals products!

      –Christina R.

    • I was so impressed by how my skin felt and looked the next morning.

      –Elida H.

    • After a week of use, twice a day, my skin was mostly clear!!

      –Sarah S.

    • It just proves you CAN teach an "old dog" new tricks.

      –Connie R.

    • To have BUXOMous lips is like chilled Champagne.

      –Jeanette P.

    • The best product I have ever put on my face.

      –Kathleen E.

    • I must have every color buxom that was made; even if it isn't my color.

      –Wendy G.

    • Best lip gloss ever, and the tingle is an added bonus.

      –Sherry L.

    • The variety and colors available for my eyes makes making-up so much fun.

      –Deborah L.

    • I love them all! I believe this make-up is the best on the market!

      –Michaele C.

    • Let me tell my sisters out there - this stuff works

      –Vivian B.

    • I'll never use anything else.

      –Pamela O.

    • Nobody can tell I have this skin condition when I am wearing my BE.

      –Jeanine H.

    • Best of all it looks natural and not patty cake looking.

      –Toy W.

    • Everyone keeps asking me what makeup I wear & I tell them bareMinerals.

      –Heather C.

    • Feeling good about my appearance gave me a much needed morale boost.

      –Jaime M.

    • I haven't had a break-out since I started using it.

      –Michele D.

    • It's so easy to use & looks so natural.

      –Glenda L.

    • Will never go back to other cleansers and moisturizers.

      –Ronda S.

    • Finally, something that does what it says.

      –Lorri R.

    • Healthy for your skin & it feels like all you did was washed your face.

      –Erika H.

    • I haven't met anyone who isn't completely won over.

      –Rae O.

    • I would be proud to recommend it to anyone.

      –Venesa R.

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