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Soft Focus Face Brush

  • Soft Focus Face Brush


Soft Focus Face Brush is designed especially for our bareMinerals Soft-Focus All-Over Face Color. See Details

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Put on that big screen glow. Designed especially for our bareMinerals Soft-Focus All-Over Face Colors, this plush brush feels amazing on your skin. Use it for sheer, natural coverage that's virtually goof-proof.

Brush is made of Taklon
  • Prolong the magic.

    To extend the life and beauty of your makeup brushes, cleanse brushes regularly with Well-Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo or a gentle shampoo or soap.

  • It's OK to change your mind.

    Just use our Quick Change Brush Cleaner if you're using the same brush. Switch from one shade to the next and keep your application true to color with this fast-drying cleaning spray.


Q & A

Soft Focus Face Brush 4.6 5 11 11
My all time favorite bm brush I cannot say enough good things about this brush. I mean I love all my BM brushes, but I splurged and bought myself this one because I was drawn to how soft it was and I am so glad I did. It was worth every penny and I am the type of person who normally would not shell out this much for a good brush, I will make due with whatever. The soft focus brushes are just amazing and so worth the splurge to add them to your routine. I also feel like this one has been shed free. As much as I love my flawless face brushes, they do shed a bit with every use, not so with the soft focus, I don't think it's shed one single hair yet and I've been using it for about 4 months now. LOVE & highly recommend! 07/06/2014
My Favorite Go-To Brush <3 I use this brush for my Radiance product, Mineral Veil product, and sometimes, a blush product, if it is a bright color. I love, love this brush as it is so soft and feels like velvet on my skin. I would use this for foundation if it applied enough! I noticed the lady from Raleigh in the review before me had some trouble with her brush. I would say two things. First, you are only supposed to wash your brush once a week, if used daily, and not after each use. Second, it sounds like you might have been storing your brush bristle-side up after washing it. There is a brush care video on Facebook that explains both frequency and method of brush washing. If you store the brush bristle side up after washing it, the water WILL seep down into the brush, expand the metal, and the brush hair will fall apart. It sounds like this may be what happened to you =\ 01/19/2013
It was good while it lasted.... I got this brush about a month ago, and I did not begin using it until about two weeks ago. I only used it for my mineral veil at the end of my routine, and after each use, I washed it with some very mild shampoo. The other day, I was washing my brush and running my fingers through the bristles very gently, when, to my horror, all of the bristles started falling out! I gently pushed down some of the bristles to see if it was a problem with the metallic clasp that held the bristles together, and the whole clump of bristles fell out and I could see the glue that was supposed to hold the bristles together. Terrible! I do not recommend this brush at all. 10/20/2012
Blushes perfectly I use this brush primarily for applying my blushes. It works beautifully. One thing I cannot stand to see is someone with too much blush on their face. This brush creates a perfect balance, especially for the darker shades. 10/15/2012
This is one of my favorite BE brushes. It is sooo soft. I like to use it with my Bare Radiance all over my face. I never thought a brush could be this soft! I also use it to wipe off any eye shadow that may fall onto my cheeks when applying, it helps to not smear all over my face! 06/15/2012
Softest brush ever! This is the softest face brush I have ever used. It is very gentle on my face when I am buffing on my mineral powder. It blends, and applies my powder so easily. I love it! 05/28/2012
Love this brush! I've been using this brush for years now to apply my Clear Radiance. It is so soft and never feels like it's poking your face. It also never sheds. I love love love this brush. It's my favorite of all the bareMinerals brushes. It also makes your skin look so smooth. The only reason why I need to buy a new one is because my dog chewed up the end of it. I love it so much that I duct taped it and kept going. 01/22/2012
Really worth a second try I bought this brush with the sf eyeshadow attached bc who doesn't love two in one brushes. The day I got it I tried it out and didn't like it. It was to soft and ate alot of product or so I thought. I returned it and got the radiance brush but I didn't like how it covered just one spot. So after months of trying to figure that brush out I gave up and ordered this brush again. It looks like it takes alot of product but it really doesn't. OMG it spreads my radiance all over my face perfectly! I use the eyeshadow part in the crease it works good with little coverage which i like in certain colors. Over all this brush was worth a second go round. 12/05/2011
The only brush I'll ever need! I went into the Minneapolis Mall of America site and was helped by a very knowledgeable staff member who helped me choose several products. I'd been using the original brushes that came with my kits and when she introduced this one to me I was hooked. It glides across your face and is so soft and feels amazing. After using it now for several months I noticed a huge difference in that it doesn't 'shed' on my face like others did. I don't think I'll need a new brush for a VERY long time, but if I do, I know where to find it! I'm just thoroughly impressed and won't need to look anywhere else for a foundation brush again! Thank you Bare Escentuals and that very knowledgeable staff member! I'm a very happy customer! 07/08/2011
Perfect application I haven't been using this brush very long but I wanted to definitely recommend it. I purchased a kit with faux tan and although I can use warmth with my light skin I was a little timid about using faux tan - even though the sun has been shining since February in Florida. This brush puts the best soft coat on your face so you don't overdo it. I am using it with faux tan instead of using warmth because it looks so great. I just ordered soft focus glee and soft focus true and can't wait to see how the brush applies its namesake products! Definitely a great brush. I feel like I will be able to use it with so many face products. Also I read in other reviews that some people prefer this for a light application of mineral veil. Just another reason to get this brush. 04/08/2011
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help with brush selection for particular products.....
3 years, 3 months ago
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I use this brush to apply both! :)
Submitted by:
Englewood, Florida
Read all my Q&A (read all my Q&A)
1 year, 9 months ago
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I don't always have the time do do a full face makeup. Sometimes I have to hurry it along, but here's my makeup routine on days I have the time to do my makeup:

1.) Moisturizer (not always, but helps)
- I have combination skin so I have used the Purely Nourishing Moisturizer or the Cream (the cream would be good at night and the moisturizer for the day time).

2.) Primer

3.) Concealer - I like to use my Maximum Coverage Face Brush which is bigger than the original, smaller Maximum Coverage Brush. The bigger brush I use for my heavy dark circles and the smaller brush I use for hard to cover areas and spot concealing.

4.)Foundation - Original or READY. I use/have used Handy Buki, Flawless Face, Precision Face Brush, Mini Flawless Face Brush from the Mini Masters Brush Collection, The Multi Tasking Brush from the Flawless Five Brush Collection, The Pink Retractable Kabuki Brush, The Retractable Precision Brush or the Full Flawless Face Brush. You can also use the Angled Face Brush if you want to.

5.) Blush - READY. I like to use the original blush brushes or the Bare Minerals brushes that are made with Taklon which is a soft synthetic fiber. It's less irritating to the skin and makes your makeup look better. I was on QVC where I bought a blush and it came with a blush brush made of the same fibers. But on the BE website there are a set of brushes, a couple sets actually, with the same fibers. I purchased the Mini Masters and I'm so glad I did.

6.) Eyecolor - READY. As you can see I LOVE the READY line. Everything is compressed and you don't have to swirl and tap. You simply tap and buff onto your skin. I like the READY 2.0, 4.0 or 8.0 color palettes. The READY line are blendable colors, so you can really play with it. Use eyelid primer if you can because it can help your eye color pop. You don't need much. Just a small spot of it on your finger tip and then blend it out all over your eyelid. With the 2.0, I like those for going to work. For the 4.0, is when I am going on a trip or want to look my best for someone special. For the 8.0, you don't have to use every color, but you can definitely use one, two, three or even four colors! Also, you can use a fifth color as a liner versus black eyeliner if you want a softer look or create a look to fool people into thinking you have black eyeliner on. Also, it's easier to remove the eye color versus the eye liner! I like using Wet/Dry Brush, Double Ended Precision Brush, Soft Focus Shadow and Liner Brush, Soft Focus Shadow Brush, Eye Buki Brush (nice for highlighting the brow bone), Tapered Shadow Brush (good for putting color in the crease of the eye) or the Eye Defining Brush (nice for the color blocking technique or other eye techniques and looks).

7.) Mascara - I like using the Brushless Mascara. Works great for me. Any of the mascaras are good for me whether it be Volumizing or Waterproof. I have big eyes and my lashes are long enough to me to where I don't need much so it works out well.

8.) Luminizer, Radiance and All Over Face Color - This one is kind of tricky. You can use both or one versus the other. The Luminizer is to be use VERY sparingly under the eyes, outer corner of the eyes, you can rub a small amount on your index finger and run it down the bridge of your nose and over the eye brow, but you don't want to use it too much. This REALLY has a shimmer to it. It's meant to give you a "red carpet" kind of glow. So don't overdue it. The Radiance colors are to give your face a sheen and bring life to your face where as the All Over Face Colors are complexion enhancers. The Luminizer I had came with a very soft white brush. But if you don't get one with a brush, I would use a Soft Focus Face Brush for the Luminizer. As a default, you can use either the Tapered or Angled Blush Brush because they're small and the perfect size for the spot application of Luminizer or the Radiance. For All Over Face Colors, you can use the Flawless Face Brush, because it's big enough to get all the product onto the brush and effective enough to put all over the face no more than twice to achieve the complexion boost you need.

9.) Bronzer - READY. I have a Golden Dark skin tone so I was told to use The High Dive. So I use my Angled Face Brush to get the areas that need contouring; cheekbones, temples (the area people usually rub if they have a headache for example) and also the chin. I don't use much. My skin is already dark so I don't feel the need to contour too much.

10.) Mineral Veil - READY and loose powder. I use either one. In READY I use tinted so that it's not too cakey looking on my dark skin. The loose powder isn't so bad and it blends so nicely. I use my Soft Focus Face Brush for either the pressed or loose mineral veil. I also use the Buff and Go retractable brush traveling or I use it when I need a fresher look for work.

11.) Lip color - Finally, the lip color. Pretty Amazing is okay, but it will give you the color lipstick will but the gloss of a 100% Natural Lip gloss, so be careful. I bought a Pretty Amazing set some months ago and one of the colors could have been a concealer because it blended in too well with my skin and made me look odd and another color was a pretty pink at first glance, but when I put it on, it was too RICH of a pink and I didn't like how it made my lips stand out. I would of had to really amp up the makeup to match it's wild appearance on my lips. So I would suggest Moxie or the 100% Natural Lip gloss. Moxie will give you color, but not too dramatic. The 100% Natural Lip gloss isn't bad because it will give you the gloss and not TOO much tint which I like because it's good to wear to work.

Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to be a bit more detailed than usual so I hope this all helps!
Submitted by:
Newport News, VA
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1 year, 10 months ago
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I would not recommend the Handy Buki Brush to apply Mineral Veil. I would use the Flawless Face brush for MV. The Handy Buki is for full coverage which is what you need with the foundation. However, MV is just a sweep on your face to set your makeup and to also give you that "airbrushed" look. So you don't want a heavy hand or you will look "cakey" and that isn't good.
Submitted by:
Walnut Ridge, AR
Read all my Q&A (read all my Q&A)
1 year, 11 months ago
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I personally use the flawless face brush for mineral veil because it gives a nice light layer. If you want more you can always do another tap, swirl, buff. For warmth I have used the flawless face brush as well. If you want an even softer layer I would recommend the soft focus brush. An angled brush would also work if you want to highlight the areas that are hit most often by the sun.
3 years, 1 month ago
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