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Precision Eyeliner Brush

Precision Eyeliner Brush

  • Precision Eyeliner Brush


Precision Eyeliner Brush gives you an even, straight application along your lash line. See Details

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Meet the brush with its own nickname. Dubbed the "push brush," this flathead brush has the ability to "push on" more color along your lash line. Its straight, blunt-cut edge gives you full-color intensity for your lash base and an even line every time. Use it wet or dry for a variety of eye-defining looks.

Brush is made of Taklon
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    Just use our Quick Change Brush Cleaner if you're using the same brush. Switch from one shade to the next and keep your application true to color with this fast-drying cleaning spray.


Q & A

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Exactly the brush I needed I was new to the idea of a powder liner and could never seem to get the right level of coverage. I always wanted a cleaner line. Enter the precision brush. I'm able to put the liner pigment exactly where I want it. It picks up enough pigment to last day into night. If you want a clean line, this is probably the brush for you. 01/25/2014
Precision Eyeliner Brush (I mainly use this eyeliner brush with a gel liner, and seldom with powder) The bristles of this brush are very firm and stay together in a tight bunch, which is good for helping you place an even, precise line. You can use it to make a thin or thick line. It holds the product well - which sometimes means that it hold more product then I need and I end up wasting some of it when I wipe it off. However, the even line is more than enough to keep me using it! A definite must, especially if you use gel liners! Tip: This brush is fantastic for putting a stamped cat eye: Just dip it in the product, and stamp the edge where you want the wing.. It's perfect! 11/11/2013
The Best Eyeliner Brush This is my favorite eyeliner brush. I've never liked using liquid eyeliners, so I decided to try a different route. I use a pressed powder eyeliner with this brush. I haven't tried a loose powder, so I'm not sure if it would work or not. The bristels are very soft and it cleans well too. I'm happy. 12/01/2012
In the past, I had used liner sticks but when I went to the BE website to read some reviews of those products (I was looking to make my first eye liner purchase from BE), I was concerned that the line would be too thick for what I was looking for. I happened to be near a BE store and a sales woman showed me on the back of my hand how the liner sticks and shadows work. I was amazed how much control you had with the liner shadow using this brush; it allowed me to get the thinner line that I was looking for. In addition to the thickness of the line, you have a lot of control as to how dark you want the line. I use this brush to apply liner shadow dry to my top eye lids (no primer used) and it works great; it only takes a few minutes to apply. I am by no means an eye make-up expert and have been able to easily apply the liner shadow by pushing the color on my lids. The brush allows you to get very close to the edge of the lid and to push the color between the eye lashes for a beautiful look. 09/03/2012
I have returned to wearing eyeliner Years ago, before I had wrinkles, I used liquid liners--I loved the precise, EVEN placement they provided, and the slick coverage I was able to get underneath my very long lower lashes. But wrinkles do not agree with liquid liners, at least not when you're already fighting to get the liner under your eyelashes. I gave up on wearing liner...until I tried this brush. I can get this not only past my lashes, but right up against the base of them--and if you use the brush wet, the line is SO clean, it looks like a liquid liner. I need at least 2 more of these.... 10/05/2011
Great little brush This brush is very easy to use for dry liner shadow application. Just swirl, tap, and PAT the liner shadow along your lash line. Not the best for wet lining, I prefer the angled brush for that because it glides along smoother. This is also great for "winging out" your liner and lining the lower lashes! 03/21/2011
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