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  • Eyeliner Sharpener


Keep your eyeliners in perfect condition for a flawless application with this professional sharpener. See Details

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This on-the-go professional sharpener keeps your Round the ClockTM Waterproof Eyeliners in perfect condition for a flawless application, all day long.


Q & A
Eyeliner Sharpener 5 5 5 5
Works well Sharpens eyeliners well and lasts a long time 07/24/2014
Round the Clock Eyeliner Sharpener If you use RTC liners then you need this important tool to add to your arsenal of must haves! 04/20/2013
Soft, silky; need very little pressure to apply I love this eyeliner!! Everyone who is complaining that it is too soft, leaves clumps, and/or wears down too fast must be using sooo much more pressure to apply it than I am. Please, you don't need to be so heavy-handed using this eyeliner. I, for one, am very concerned about developing wrinkles, etc., so I am always as gentle with my skin as I can be, especially around my eye area. This liner glides on so easily, like silk. Some liner pencils are so hard that you have to use a lot of pressure to get the color to transfer to your eye, or they tug at your eyelid as you use it. Not this one!! Since I can be so gentle with it, I haven't had a problem with it wearing down right away. I also hold it at a slight angle to my eye (not pressing directly down on the tip) and use short quick strokes, so maybe that helps to maintain the point. Be sure to use the Bare Minerals sharpener; it is inexpensive and so much better than cheap drugstore sharpeners. Also, I have had lots of problems in the past with other liners bleeding, smudging and fading. Again, not this one. Put it on in the morning, it stays put, and it looks just as good at the end of the day as it did when I applied it. I have no problem getting either a fine line or a heavier dramatic one, depending on my needs. All in all, this is a great eyeliner and I am so happy with it. Ladies, be gentle to your eyes and use a light touch--they will thank you in the future!! 03/23/2013
Not your drugstore sharpener What began as an impulse buy quickly became my new favorite tool! I typically don't use pencil eye liners because that perfect new-pencil point only lasts through the first few uses. Then you try to sharpen it and you twist and twist....shaving more of the liner off than the casing. Or you shave the casing off on one side and not the other. SO aggravating. Not anymore. I can't explain WHY this sharpener works better than any other type I have tried. It just does. Maybe it's the way the pencil fits in it. Maybe the blade is at a certain angle that grabs the casing better. Whatever it is, I'm completely in love. I sharpened all my eye liners when I got it home. Barely any liner is caught by the blade, which does an excellent job of shaving down the casing. What you're left with is a well sharpened eye liner and a new reason to love all things BE. 03/07/2013
LOVE this sharpener! this is the absolute BEST eyeliner sharpener I have ever used! Perfect point every time...! Finally, a sharpener we can depend on to work and not ruin our FABulous eyeliners! 01/25/2013
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